Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the store located?

We are based out of Pune & Bombay With all of your love and support, we shall soon have a retail outlet.

Do we accept custom orders?

Yes, we do. Customs are a little complicated. You can send us a direct message or contact us and we would be happy to curate something special for you. As a consumer, you are hoping for us to work around something specifically for you and what you have in mind. We shall do our best in order to deliver what you desire to its full capacity. However, please be precise with your measurements and requirement. Also as a designer, we expect you to trust and give us the right and opportunity to be creatively free and it is our responsibility to make your vision comes to life through our yarn art.

Exchange and Returns for Customs.

Please visit Shop Policy

Time Frame for Customs.

The time frame would completely depend on what you need me to make for you.

Do the Ready to Ship items come with a padding or lining?

No. As all our work is handmade and we do not use any sort of machine to sew up our th. Be that as may, All the Handmade tops provide good coverage and are thick cotton yarn, not letting anything perky show, as you can see in the references. In any case, if you still want a lying or a padding provided, Please contact us and we shall do the needful at a minimal cost.

If a ready to ship is desired in a different color of yarn?

We wish we could present for color options, unfortunately that may take sometime and there are so many beautiful colors out there to choose from. Nonetheless, if you yearn for a different choice of color for yourself from any of the ready to ship items, we request you to place a custom order for the same. We shall provide you with all the available color alternates. It will cost you the same price as the ready to ship, only the duration may take a little longer as we may have to order the yarn specifically for you depending on the availability of it.

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